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    The difference between SUCCESS and FAILURE is a GREAT platoon.
    " The strength of the platoon is each individual member. The strength of each member is the Team."

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    Founder & Director

    After a few experiments, I decided to start a business during the pandemic, in 2020 and my better half, another pillar of my strength helped me through thick and thin.



Chronicle of MommoZi:-

Mommozi is a momo cafe that was born out of a passion for cooking and a desire to start a business. The owner learned to make momos in Darjeeling and decided to turn that passion into a business during the pandemic in 2020. With the help of their better half, they rented a small room and started serving delicious and hygienic momos at an affordable price. Over time, their business grew and they upgraded to a two-storeyed cafe. Their main goal is to make their customers’ tummies happy by serving 80+ delicious momos, 20+ Snacks, 20+ Beverages .

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Restaurant is like a theater.
Our task is to amaze you!

Mommozi aims to spread the delectable taste of Momo, a traditional Nepalese delicacy, across the world. Over the years, Mommozi has remained true to its mission of delivering the “authentic taste of Momo” across the Asian subcontinent.

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Reviews about us

We are committed to provide you with healthy, clean and authentic momo at affordable rates. Mommozi is the perfect destination for foodies who want the real taste of Himalayan momo.

Very tasty

If you ask about best momos in ranaghat.. Then it's mommo zi.. Best ever at such prices.. And Tandoori momos & cheese momo are just awesome.. ❤

Mallika Dey

Mallika Dey

I have eat here every day

New Outlet is very peaceful and momo taste is very delicious Vegetarian options: If anyone want veg item they can provide separately. Kid-friendliness: Kids can easily access this area.

Pritam Sarkar

Pritam Sarkar

Great service

One of the best momo served by them.. It is so delicious that whenver I go to ranghat I can't control myself to eat their momo..❤❤

Debparna Chowdhury

Debparna Chowdhury

Starbelly is amazing!

Tandoori Chicken Momo Is Special. Many Types Of Momo Done Here. Stream Momo are Ok Type. Fry & Juicy Momo is favoulas.

Amit Saha

Amit Saha

Our Vision and Mission

Mommozi in the next 5 years through my lenses,
As my baby start-up is growing day by day, I want to make her fly as high as possible. Planning is important in any business and I believe that makes business more successful. I want to expand my child across India and make my mommozi family bigger.
Our main motto is to serve savory, hygienic momos at a pocket-friendly price to our buyers and make their tummies happy.
I also want to make these Himalayan delicacies more popular through Mommozi’s hygienic and mouth-watering juicy momos. we also aim to create career options for House wife, and make women empowered in the broader aspect.

Our Mobile App Coming Soon

Our momo are cooked in the traditional way using native Himalayan herbs so that you get the real taste of Himalayas.

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